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Pedal the Paths! Ride the Roads! Challenge the Canyons!

Insiders have long recognized that some of the best road and mountain biking in Southern Arizona can be found in Sierra Vista. The City of Sierra Vista has been well known throughout the biking community as bicycle friendly. And with the creation of more than 20 miles of the proposed 80 miles of shared use paths throughout the City, exploring the outdoors by non-motorized means has dramatically increased in popularity.

Celebrating the construction of the multi-use paths, avid Sierra Vista bicyclers organized the first annual Pedal the Paths event in 2009 to showcase the extensive path network. These bicycling enthusiasts hope that this event, and others, will impart the enjoyment and ease of riding on dedicated paths rather than trafficked streets.

Surrounding Sierra Vista are hundreds of miles of rural roads, perfect for the long distance cycler. Many national bicycle groups have discovered Sierra Vista and use it as the perfect home base from which to explore.  Individuals and groups alike have found that the rural and outlying areas surrounding Sierra Vista are perfect for those 25- to 100-mile adventures. Beautiful Southern Arizona scenery coupled with terrain to match any bicycler’s skill level makes Sierra Vista the perfect place for the cycling enthusiast.

Click here for local distance routes.

Click here for Cochise Vista Trail.

Since Sierra Vista’s climate is moderate -- nearly ideal, many people say -- bicyclists can choose any month, any season to visit and enjoy the mild weather.  Of course, because even the most avid cycler can only pedal for so long, be sure to take advantage of downtime and check out the outstanding historic and natural attractions and treasures in and around Cochise County.

Mountain Biking in Southern Arizona

For those riders whose need for challenges and excitement motivates them into mountain biking, the Sierra Vista area is perfect. With trails high in the mountains, accomplished mountain bikers can test their skills against the steep and rocky terrain. There are many mountain biking trails in the Huachuca Mountains awaiting the novice or expert mountain bikers. 

The Coronado National Forest offers miles of trails through the Huachuca Mountains. All National Forest trails, unless located in designated wilderness areas, are open to mountain bikes. Novice and experienced riders can easily find the perfect scenic route and difficulty factor.


The John Cooper & Perimeter Trail Tour is a premier outdoor and nature experience. Located on U.S. Forest Service land in the Huachuca Mountains, the trails are for everyone: Hikers, bicyclers and equestrians.

Sierra Vista’s local mountain biking club, Dawn to Dust, is a great source of information on Southern Arizona’s mountain biking trails and events. Dawn to Dust members are enthusiastic about sharing their love of mountain biking with everyone. Visiting cycling enthusiasts are not required to become a member of the club to join them on their scheduled and organized rides. Bicycle rentals are available and if needed, a club member will accompany to showcase some of the best trails in the southwest.