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Ready for the harvestThe word is out -- Southeastern Arizona produces some of the best wines in the nation! And Sierra Vistais in the center of the wine country, now dubbed Napa-zona. 

As close as a one-half hour drive from Sierra Vista, to the furthest at a two-hour drive, are nineteen established wineries, with more than a dozen projected to open in the next few years. These wineries are family owned and operated and offer award-winning wines in their tasting rooms. Each winery has its own specialty, such as the Fort Bowie Vineyards which produces “Pecan Delight,” a distinctive sparkling wine with the essence of pecans. 

Sierra Vista, world renowned for its bird watchingopportunities and military history, is proud to embrace its role as the heart of the wine country which extends from Portal in the east to Sonoita and Elgin in the west.

You’ll want a leisurely tour through the wine region, so stay overnight at one of Sierra Vista’s 1,600 hotel/motel/bed and breakfast rooms.  You’ll find many diverse choices, certain to please. For wine with dinner, you should check out some of the 70 restaurants,many of which are the best in southern Arizona. 

For additional information about our activities, events and attractions, please call 1-800-288-3861, or click on the Calendar tab on the left side of this page.


When University of Arizona’s soil scientist Dr. Gordon Dutt set out to establish the state’s first experimental vineyard in southeastern Arizona nearly 40 years ago, local ranchers and cowboys were no doubt skeptical (more)


Callaghan Vineyards, designated an Arizona Treasure by former Governor Janet Napolitano, is best known (more)

FESTIVALS Blessing of the Vines

Many of the wineries have festivals and events throughout the year, such as the Sonoita Vineyards “Blessing of the Sonoita Vineyards” and “HarvestFest”; the Coronado Vineyards “Wine and Chocolates”, “Summer Luau” and in August the annual “Grape Stomp”; and the Village of Elgin’s “Harvesting of the Vines Festival” – check their individual websites for details. 


Aridus Wine Company:  www.ariduswineco.com or 520-766-2926
Arizona Hops and Vines: www.azhopsandvines.com or 888-569-1642
Bodega Pierce:  www.bodegapierce.com or 602-320-1722

Callaghan Vineyards: www.callaghanvineyards.com or 520-455-5322
Carlson Creek: www.carlsoncreek.com or 520-766-3000
Charron Vineyards: 
www.charronvineyards.com or 520-762-8585
Colibri Vineyards: 
www.colibrivineyard.com or 520-558-2401
Coronado Vineyards: 
www.coronadovineyards.com or 520-384-2993
Domaines Ellam Winery: 520-455-9309
Dos Cabezas WineWorks: www.doscabezaswinery.com or 520-455-5141
Flying Leap Vineyards:  www.flyingleapvineyards.com or 520-455-5499
Golden Rule Vineyards:  www.goldenrulevineyards.com/ or 520-507-1776
Hannah's Hill Vineyards:  www.hannahshill.com or 520-456-9000
Keeling-Schaefer Vineyards: 
www.keelingschaefervineyards.com or 520-824-2500
Kief-Joshua Vineyard: 
www.kiefjoshuavineyards.com or 520-455-5582
Lawrence Dunham Vineyard: www.lawrencedunhamvineyards.com or 602-320-1485
Lightning Ridge Cellars: www.lightningridgecellars.com or 520-678-8220
Passion cellars:  http://passioncellars.com or 602-750-7771
Rancho Rossa Vineyards: 
www.ranchorossa.com or 520-455-0700
Rune Wines:  www.runewines.com or 480-570-5147
Silver Strike Winery:  www.silverstrikewinery.com or 520-678-8200
Sonoita Vineyards: 
www.sonoitavineyards.com or 520-455-5893
Village of Elgin/Four Monkey: 
www.elginwines.com or 520-455-9309
Wilhelm Family Vineyards: 
www.wilhelmfamilyvineyards.com or 520-455-9291
Zarpara Vineyard: www.zarpara.com or 602-885-8903

Opening Soon:

Broken Glass Vineyard and Winery Estates
Gallifant Cellars:  www.gallifantcellars.com

Photos courtesy Sonoita Vineyards