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Add Item To Your Planner SierraVista Ramsey Canyon Preserve

All Hands On Earth - Summer Program for Kids
This program introduces children to the natural world with fun activities that include experiencing wildlife, the mysteries of water, nature-based art, and more.

When:  8:30 a.m. to noon.  Ages 7-9 (July 7-11 or July 21-25);  Ages 10-12 (July 14-18)
Where:  Ramsey Canyon Preserve, 27 Ramsey Canyon Rd., Hereford
Registration:  $40 per child.  Limited class size.
Information and registration:  520-378-2785 x116

Add Item To Your Planner SierraVista Hummingbird Banding Session at the San Pedro House

Up to ten species of hummingbirds use the San Pedro River as a freeway between their tropical winter retreats and northern nesting grounds. Get a close-up look at these tiny travelers as staff and volunteers from the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory capture, band, measure, and release them as part of long-term studies of the bird life of this internationally important migration route.

When:  4-6 p.m.
Where:  San Pedro House, 9800 E. Highway 90, http://www.sanpedroriver.org/wpfspr/
Admission:  Free, but donations to support this project are gratefully accepted.
Info:  520-417-6960, 520-508-4445, 520-432-1388 or visit www.sabo.org